What Drives Orioly Tour Operator Software?

Tour operator software should be elegant and simple. We believe that selling and promoting the lasting tour and travel experiences must be easy. Especially today when the majority of travelers communicate online.

Online booking software for tours and activities should make tour operators’ and travel companies’ life easier. They should be able to enjoy their business.

  • Our Mission & Values
  • Our Solution
  • Our Team

Our mission is to give tour and travel companies a simple online solution to manage their reservations and promotions.

→ Orioly is easy to use tour operator software that cuts administration and automates marketing and sales online. A tool, which helps tour operators do what they do best – create amazing tours and memories.

Our Story

While working in tourism for over 10 years, we saw that most tour operators face the same challenges.

How to increase online sales? How to attract more customers without big budgets, IT departments and expensive infrastructure? And how to find a booking software that’s simple to use?

So we combined the two things we do best – IT and traveling. And there it was, a tour operator software with a very clean and easy to follow design. 

The Solution – Orioly

Become a Digital Savvy Because Your Customers Are

You already know your business should have an online presence. Also, that online booking is a must.
Online presence helps tour operators and travel companies grow. A majority of their customers is online and digitally savvy. So tour operators should be, too.

Sounds great, but not so easy to do?

Orioly Is an Ideal Tour Operator Software And an Answer to Your Pains

You provide exciting tours. Does paperwork stop you from enjoying your real work?

Superior customer service is difficult to do when it depends on a single customer need. And your costs often vary.

How Many Times You Faced The Same Challenge?

Have you ever tried to install a booking software, but realized it didn’t fit your business? Too complex, too expensive, not easy to manage?

  • Can you always show the total price through online booking?
  • Can your travelers customize their tour experience when booking online?
  • How often they want something extra, but you can’t provide through your online booking?
  • Is it easy to include add-ons (air taxes, visas, optional tickets…)?
  • How many hours a day do you spend checking your booking and capacity status?
  • How many hours do you spend on social networks trying to promote your tours and travels?
  • How do you do it when you are out of office?

Forget it. Move on.

→ Orioly software for tours and activities allows you to easily manage add-ons
→ Automates your online marketing and sales
→ Attracts new travelers from travel marketplaces and builds your presence on social networks
→ Travelers can make customized bookings
→ Enables the fastest presentation of total prices
→ You are left with plenty of time to focus on creating the best trips and tours.

Core Team

Ivan Ilijašić - Orioly

Ivan Ilijašić
Founder & CEO

A passionate traveller, blogger and tech-savvy. Ivan had been building his expertise through various leading roles in large corporations and IT projects within the travel and financial industry. Before launching his first projects and travel tech companies, he worked in the bank and insurance industry, pharmaceuticals and automobile industry too. Today, he runs a travel-tech business that helps tour and activity operators by developing online booking systems. Being a travel enthusiast, Ivan’s name behind some of the most popular tourism and IT events in the region.

Nikola Bucić - Orioly

Nikola Bucić

Experienced developer with a strong background in web technologies. Nikola is also an active member of the web development community in the region. Before co-founding Orioly, he worked for some of the well-known world IT companies and was involved in financial, travel and retail industry. His hobbies include travel, exploring new destinations in the Orient, tasting local cuisine, trekking and climbing.

Ivan Mrvelj - Orioly

Ivan Mrvelj
Head of UX Development

Highly skilled IT expert skilled in creating robust secure solutions with modern interfaces. Ivan is your go-to guy for front-end development. Active IT community member, experienced in working with clients worldwide. Also, Ivan is an exceptionally talented guitarist. 

Domagoj Blazonija - Orioly

Domagoj Blazonija
Lead of Development Integrations

Domagoj leads our IT efforts in connecting Orioly with different payment systems, online travel agencies and securing communication between different IT systems. Has a background in medicine and diagnostics, music fan.

Sara Tilly - Orioly

Sara Tilly
Head of Content Marketing

Political Scientist by vocation, but in fact a talented writer and wordsmith. Sara is an experienced copywriter, technical writer, content writer, blogger, and content curator. When she’s not busy writing, she’s a spirited long-distance runner and music curator who spends all of her spare time sifting through new music. A little on the obscure side—she’s a medicine enthusiast interested in psychopathology, cognitive science, and neuromusicology.

Lorena Tadić - Orioly

Lorena Tadić
Head of Business / Product Analysis

Lorena is managing all our customer requests and manages them with our product teams, sales and customer support. All our customer requests are checked, analysed and presented to our management and employees. Lorena helps us understand the importance of those requests and prioritize its implementation. She loves reading good books and watching good movies.

Hrvoje-Stjepan Benjek - Orioly

Hrvoje-Stjepan Benjek
Project manager / Sales specialist

Having great enthusiasm regarding numbers, it was only natural for Hrvoje to be a part of the sales team and utilize his energetic client approach and sophisticated analytical skills. Specialized in analysing new niches and markets. His zen attitude is his cool superpower.