⊕ 1. What do I get by using the Orioly online booking system for tours and travels?

Orioly is not just an administration tool. It is online booking system to manage your tours and activities, reservations, and accounts. Orioly online booking process connects to your website in just 5-10 minutes. From that point on, your online booking becomes super simple.

You can access Orioly inside or outside your office.

With the easiest to use booking button on the market, you receive instant bookings. But what’s even better, you can create customized offers and cater to special requirements.

There’s more…

You automate and schedule all your marketing campaigns on social networks and travel marketplaces.
Orioly wants you to manage your business easier that ever before. At the same time, it helps you get more sales and customers without any other IT support.

⊕ 2. How to start?

Orioly is a friendly online app that’s put to use in a matter of minutes. All you need is a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. To start using Orioly, you only need to register on our website and log into the system. Your Orioly account is then set.

Our online booking system is developed by experienced IT experts. It helps tour providers worldwide.

⊕ 3. How can Orioly help me attract more customers?

How many times you were in a situation you wanted to install an online booking system? And how many times available solutions seemed too tight, or not easy to customize?

With our tour booking system, you can receive instant bookings and create customized offers.

You can also receive inquiries and have your customers instantly make their buying decision. Not later, not via wire transfer or by coming to your office. Orioly helps you increase your online conversion rates.

How to drive more traffic to your website?

Schedule your Facebook and Twitter posts and feel free to go out on a tour with your customers!

Orioly will take care of your social media management and new customer acquisitions. You feel relaxed doing what you’re really passionate about. 


⊕ 4. How much does Orioly cost?

Orioly is based on a monthly or annual subscription. It’s affordable to small tour operators and activity providers worldwide.

Do you want to put it to a test? Please register and go ahead.

After the trial period, you will have the option to select your subscription plan – monthly or annual.

Orioly pricing plans are designed to help you reduce your costs. By paying a regular affordable fee, you can stay on top of your spendings.

⊕ 5. How do I pay my monthly or annual subscription?

All you need is a credit card.

⊕ 6. Do you have any extra costs with Orioly online booking system?

No. Your only cost is your monthly or annual Orioly subscription. No web hosting costs, server costs etc.

⊕ 7. What happens if I forget to pay my monthly subscription?

Each month we’ll send you an email to remind about your monthly subscription. If we experience difficulty charging your credit card, you will receive another reminder. 

⊕ 8. What happens if I don’t pay my subscription on time?

Don’t worry, we’ll give a five-day window to extend your monthly subscription. After that, we’ll have to temporary freeze your account. And no, your data won’t be lost.


⊕ 9. Is any application installation?

You don’t have to install any application, you just have to log into Orioly and go!

⊕ 10. Can I use Orioly while I’m out of my office?

Of course. Orioly works on any device – inside or outside your office. All you need is a mobile device and an internet access. You’ll have your office in your pocket 24/7 and be able to check up on your daily tour business.

⊕ 11. How can I install Orioly on my tablet or smartphone?

You don’t have to install any application, you just have to log in to Orioly.  

Orioly is available on smartphones too. For now, desktop and tablet offer a better user experience. Don’t worry, we are not neglecting smartphones. Just for now, we are enabling the best experience on bigger screens.

⊕ 12. Which tablets & devices are supported?

Orioly works on all modern tablets – iPad, Android or Windows Mobile. 

⊕ 13. Do I need to create a new „booking code“ every single time I change one of my tours? Or can I just edit the tour information and still keep the code, that has already inserted into my website?

There is no need to change or create anything anew. All information is automatically picked up.
You should only add the new code if you changed the color of the booking button.


⊕ 14. How secure is my data?

All information is stored on premium servers located in the USA and Europe. With a daily backup, you don’t have to worry about data security or losing any information. If you need more details about security, feel free to contact us and we’ll give it to you gladly.

⊕ 15. Do you offer any help and support?

Yes. Videos, manuals, quick tooltips, tutorials. Use our help icon to get in touch with us. Our entire team is there for you, our developers, marketing and customer care team, and our CEO. We are passionate travelers and we love to help our clients and partners in all stages of their user experience.

⊕ 16. What happens if I’m still not satisfied with Orioly?

Please let us know how can we create a better Orioly experience. If we cannot help you, feel free to contact us and we’ll refund your monthly or annual subscription.