5 Channel Ideas to Sell your Tours

It is useless to offer an amazing tour if your guests are not able to find it.

Being in the right sales channel is as important as the tour you are selling. Without it, your target customers are not able to find your products.

To reach a great audience you must be present in all the places where your potential customers are.

For example, forget about the hotel lobby if you are targeting millennials. This group is known for using tech devices to plan and book their trips.

To help you place your product where your potential customers are, we’ve created this simple infographic with 5 channel ideas to sell your tours. You can also download it at the bottom of the post.

In addition to these 5 channel ideas, you and your local partners (B&Bs, hotels, tourism boards, etc.) should seek to disrupt the local tourism industry. This is a way to bring attention to your products and location, as well as highlighting your business in a competitive market.

To know more about local disruption, take a look at this article we wrote for the Tourism Marketing Agency.

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